Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Millie's Introduction

Hello there! My name's Millie and and I'm doing my own introductory blog post as well as our shared one... basically because we couldn't agree on what to write in the previous one, and it was too much work, so not worth it to delete it. My sister's also going to do her own introductory post so we'll have three in the end!

Okay, on with it properly.

This blog is going to be about words, books, stories and anything related. We'll be doing some reviews too. Remember, if you want us to review a specific children's/ YA book, you can tell us and we'll try to get hold of it.

In case you're wondering, Millie is short for a longer name. You can spell Millie, "Milly," too, or, "Mili," or, "Milli." Basically, however you want because I don't mind. Even, "Milee." "Mileee," might be going a bit far though.

Since you're going to be reading (And following? Hint hint) my book blog, you ought to know my favourite book. My favourite book is, "Monsters Of Men," by Patrick Ness. It's in the, "Chaos Walking," series. And of course, I'd love to know your favourite book/ s. You can post it in the Comments section?

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