Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Introduction\Why We Made This Blog!

Hello fellow word lovers!

Even if you don't love words yet, hopefully this blog will still be entertainment for you.
We are two girls from London (in England), we share a love of words, books, reading, writing and all things of that nature.
This blog is about anything to do with writing and that kinda stuff.
If you'd like us to review a children's\young-adult book you can comment on one of our entries and we'll do a review for it.
Milly is really formal so it isn't my fault that most of this stuff sounds really... Um... Strict.
Sorry about the dot, dot, dots.
By the way I'm funnier than Milly.
In-case you're wondering, our ages at the moment are:
13 years old -  Milly
10 years old, Maja (pronounced MI-ya).
I read more than Milly BTW.
One of our favourite bands is Skillet BTW.
BTW we've been learning how to play the drum-kit and the djembe drums, (Milly does some dun-dun as well).
BTW we both have our own different blogs...
If you don't know that I am head over heals in love with books then you might as well not know me.
BTW sorry about the BTW's...

Okay, a bit more background information:

- Milly has another blog, called, "When I'm Inspired," about things she does as a home-schooler, and things she does anyway.

- Maja's other blog is called, "What I Write, What I Make."

- We're both on Google+.

- Yes, we're both home-schooled, shut up, yes you read that right, no we're not weirdos or socially isolated or anything; if you have to know, we're homeschooled so that we can LEARN ABOUT WHAT WE CHOOSE NOT JUST WHAT A RANDOM TEACHER WANTS US TO LEARN ABOUT. If you want more info about that, no, my job is not to give it to you; we have much better things to do with our lives, but if you're desperate to know, head to this site. Okay, got that over with (I'm so tired of explaining to people) phew!

- Milly speaking - The reason why this post seems so disjointed/irritating is because both of us (Milly and Maja) are writing. Some of the stuff that Maja has written, I may not agree with, and vice versa but we're trying not to, "Correct," each other too much, as that leads to pointless squabbles. We're aware that there are some grammatical/spelling errors, but seeing as this is a joint blog post, we don't want to be fighting for the keyboard/arguing about what's right/wrong, so we've just left things how they are. We keep taking turns to write a sentence, not always one after the other, so right now this post seems a bit chaotic. But remember, no endless corrections!

 In a moment I (Milly) am going to do my own intro, and vice versa with Maja.

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