Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sawbones - Maja

Okay, so...
I'm doing this because Millies doing one on Dracula so... Yeah...
Sawbones is great so far, love the mystery and suspense so far!
My hands go all floppy at the parts were they're cutting up bodies (He had to shout over the sound of metal on bone, this isn't an exact quote)
I really want to know what happened to Loveday's father, and that tongue-les dead guy who had a tattoo and was shot in the back.
I didn't know what a cadaver was until I read this book! In-case you don't it means corpse!
By the way a book you should most certainly, definitely read The Wells Bequest!
I'm not bothered to do a review for it (yet?), but, if you nag me enough I might do one!


And now (sadly) goodbye:,(