Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Maja's Introduction!

Hey y'all!

If you'd read the past intro's you'd know why I'm doing a separate one so no use explaining!
The reason why we did this blog is so that we could write about the books we are passionate about.
I'm more of a bookaholic\bookholic\bookic\bibliophile than Milly\Milla\Milli\... but it's probably best not to say that to her, actually, she won't mind.
Speaking of her not\minding; I probably should have put the We-look-alike-but-don't-tell-Milly-or-she'll-bite-your-head-of in this post...

Some of the books that inspired us to do this blog are:
  • The Rithmatist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What? It's AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY GLORIFYING!)
  • Wildwood
  • The Secret Kingdom
  •  The Chaos Walking Series (On behalf of Milly, I only read the first book)
  • Brisingr
  • Inheritance
  • And last but DEFINITELY NOT least Maja And Millie's Awesome Stories!
Okay, okay, I admit, that last one does not exist (at least WE haven't read it), but I wish it did.

I'm bored so,

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